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Training or Torture?

Here’s a new feature on my blog: A segment I’ll call “Training or Torturing?”

I’ll describe an exercise my trainer made me do, and you can decide on whether it’s a legitimate exercise, or just a sadistic way to torture me.

Tonight’s “exercise”

  • Get in a push-up position. (Doesn’t sound that hard, right?)
  • Did I mention that your hands are on two different sized medicine balls? (Ok, even that’s not THAT hard.)
  • Roll one of the medicine balls forward about 6-8 inches.
  • Now, shift your weight to the ball you just rolled forward, so you can roll the second ball forward 6-8 inches, too. (You may not remember this from geometry, but a sphere rolls. And they roll even easier when you’re pushing them from the side!)
  • Now, pick yourself back up off the floor, since you fell off the rolling ball. Try again. If you get past this stage, you get to:
  • Slide your feet forward so you’re back in a push-up position with the medicine balls directly under your shoulders.
  • Repeat the whole process 6 to 8 more times. And then two more sets.
So, Training? or Torture?