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Need Advice on a New TV

I finished my federal taxes on Friday and I’m going to use part of my refund to buy a new TV. I have a 32 inch picture-tube TV that I bought ten years ago. I’ve been waiting of fit to diet before I replace it, but the damn thing just seems to want to live forever. The picture went out once about 18 months ago. But, after I turned it off and back on, it’s worked fine since then.

Old TV digital picture Frame

But, I don’t know anything about the new flat screen TVs. So, I figured I’d ask for advice.

A few questions come to mind, but there may be other things to consider that I’m not even aware of, so I’d appreciate any input.

  • Do I want LCD or plasma? Why
  • Any special features I need?
  • Any special connections that will be helpful? (Right now, I only see hooking up the Wii and the DVD player.)
  • Any specific brands or retailers you’d recommend?

Thanks! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.