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Surviving Sandy and Other Updates

It’s been almost two months since I last posted. Wow, this semester’s been kicking my ass, I guess.

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew through here yesterday, with a little rain continuing today. The lights flickered once last night, but otherwise it was pretty uneventful here. Living downtown, all the power lines are underground, so I’ve never lost power in the six years I’ve been in DC. I haven’t gone out yet to see if there’s much damage with tree branches down, etc, but given the last couple of years of big storms and the dorecho we had this summer, I think all of the weak branches were already down.

I spent yesterday catching up on the pile of magazines that has been piling up all semester. Then I watched three movies:

I also cooked. Beef stew in the crockpot on Sunday, and chili, yesterday. Now the freezer is stocked, and I have food for the week.

The best part of Hurricane Sandy was that they closed everything yesterday and today: work, my trainer, school. I’ve had two days with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do! It’s been fabulous. I’m even going to celebrate by taking a nap later today.

My Birthday

Sunday was my birthday. I’m 41.

I had a small birthday party at my house on Saturday. It was a good excuse to clean up, throw stuff out, and invite some people over. There was a good turnout and I think everyone had a good time.

And mother nature gave me two days of relaxation, which is the second best present I got.


This semester has gone pretty quickly. We’re already in Week 11. I had one midterm, which I should get the grade for this week. Last year, I would have loved to have a midterm, so I had some idea what to expect on exams. This year, it was just a pain in the ass. For finals, we at least get about a week to study. For midterms, it was just business as usual: class on Tuesday, exam in class on Thursday. And a one-hour twenty minute exam isn’t very long for an essay. It was hard to get everything down and organized in that short amount of time.

We’re a week away from spring registration. I don’t think I’m going to try to squeeze all my classes into two nights. It hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped. First, I still have to go in and do office hours for the law review. Since I don’t to do that from 9:30-11:30 pm, I end up going in a third day, anyway. And because I have to leave work early on Tuesday and Thursday, I end up having to work later on Wednesday, so I get home about the same time I would if I had class.

Oh well, I gave it a shot.

It’s almost November. That means I need to start thinking about outlines and studying for finals. So I don’t have to take much time off work, I’m hoping to get started earlier this year. Maybe I’ll at least be able to get some of it done ahead of time. Luckily two of my finals are at the end of the exam period, so that gives me some extra time, too.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to try to do a better job of staying on top of posting.

Weirdest Dream EVER!

Last night, I had a series of dreams that was probably the weirdest dream ever. I kept waking up and falling back asleep into the same dream, or — what seemed at the time at least — the next scene in the dream.

First, I was driving, but couldn’t drive through the deep, narrow gorge because, during the July derecho, a tree at least 200-feet tall had fallen into the gorge and was wedged almost the whole length of the gorge blocking it. We managed to get the Jeep far enough down the length of the gorge that I could drive over the top few limbs, but then the gorge was blocked by a landslide. Woke up and fell back asleep on the other side of the gorge.

Everyone thought the psychotic serial killer was getting better, which was why he was allowed more freedom at the hospital visits. But then he’d slip back into his killer personality and was trying to kill me. Woke myself up from that one pretty quick. Everyone knows nothing good comes from getting killed in your dream by a serial killer. And I woke up pretty scared. That was one of the really intense parts of the dream.

So I fell back asleep thinking I should make a movie based on that serial killer. Since it scared me so much, it’d make a great horror film. The problem was that my movie’s star kept slipping too much into the serial killer role and was trying to kill me. Woke up and fell back into that dream a few times.

The next part is a little hazy. It involved a house at the beach, my sister’s house, and the house next door where a random Facebook friend was training for a marathon while also storing raw chicken necks on his front porch. Then we left his house and ended up in my parents yard where I was attacked by a giant bald eagle who kept pecking at me while a fox (the small, brown, woodland creature) with a face that reminded me of Antonio Banderas napped nearby on the pillow it had carried out of the woods.

What do you think it could mean?

Week One; The Calm Before the Storm


I survived Week One! But I was tired. I had Friday afternoon off, and I took two naps to recover. And it felt good. So far, Contracts has been the easier class for me to understand. The cases can be hard to follow because there’s often money changing hands in both directions, but the concepts are making sense. Torts is a little more challenging. I think it’s because he’s teaching the concepts in a more global way than she is in Contracts. I’m trying to trust in the process and believe that I’m supposed to feel lost at this point, and that’s ok.

I must be learning something in Torts, though. Thursday evening, I was driving home after school and Taylor Swift‘s song, “Mean,” came on the radio. I heard the line: Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me. I immediately thought, “That’s battery!”

Apparently, the first week isn’t just hard on students. It can be hard on professors. Here’s a blog post from Concurring Opinions.

I just got home from the trainer, and as soon as I can lift my arms, again, I’m going to start studying. Today, and probably much of tomorrow, is going to be a study day. Luckily, with Hurricane Irene approaching, there’s nothing else to do.

Hurricane Irene

First we had an earthquake, and now we have a hurricane the size of Europe coming at us. Mother Nature must really be pissed at DC. Someone should explain to her that Congress isn’t even in session, so she should go after them in their home districts and leave us alone. But, I’m prepared. I have water in the fridge, 2.5 cases of Gatorade, food, a gas stove, candles, wine and toilet paper. I tried to buy a flashlight (which I’ve known I should have for a while), but Target was completely sold out! But, I guess I can study by candlelight if it comes to that. It worked for Abe Lincoln.

Actually, we should be fine. DC is expected to get 4-6 inches of rain in the next 24 hours, and winds in the 40-50 mph range. My only concern is the 5-foot-wide, windows in my apartment. My windows face North and East, which usually means I don’t even have rain blowing in open windows. But, the rotation of the storm is going to bring the rain in from the East. As long as the wind isn’t strong enough to break a window, I should be fine. So far, we’ve got nothing but overcast skies. I noticed that off to the East, it is getting darker, and the rain is expected to start within the next hour.

Hopefully the power won’t go out. I was hoping to watch some movies tonight as a study break. Hmm. Guess I should make sure the laptop is fully charged. Might still be able to watch a movie. Just thought of that!


Katie seems to be feeling better. She jumped up on the couch yesterday. That’s the first time she’s been able to jump up in about 2 weeks. She still slips and almost falls, if she walks too close to the edge. But, I guess the medicine is making her feel better. On a sadder note, when the time comes, I heard about a local vet who does home euthanasia. I may look in to that. That way, she won’t have to ride in her carrier, and can be in her home. And, I won’t have to try to drive home while bawling. But, hopefully that’s still a ways off.

Book 8: Harry Potter and the Bad Parents

The Last Harry Potter Movie

Tonight, I went to see the final Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. I’ve been looking forward to it since I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which was about 13 hours after it was released. I waited to see the movie because I wanted to be able to really¬†enjoy¬†it. I didn’t want a crowded theater full of people talking, texting, or playing Angry Birds. I figured a Monday night at 9:40 would be perfect. And, I worked late tonight, but didn’t have anything planned after that. Perfect time for a movie.

I got there right on time, got my small popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, and small soda. (I won’t even go in to how slow the concession workers were. Let’s just say the guy in front of me got a free popcorn refill. That took almost 5 minutes and two tries.) The theater was about 1/3 full, which was more crowded than I expected, but I got a good seat near the back and settled in.

After 15 trailers ranging from “Happy Feet Two” to “Cowboys and Aliens” (I guess they weren’t sure what demographic was going to see Harry Potter.), the lights dimmed the whole way and the movie started. And a young child started cooing. WTF? I just spent $12 on a ticket, and $15 on snacks, and you’re little rugrat is going to ruin my Harry Potter Experience?

Bad Parents

Who brings a young child to Harry Potter? At 9:40 pm? To a PG-13 movie? You must be a really bad parent!

After the kid kept cooing (at least he wasn’t screaming), the mother and the kid moved to the floor near the hallway from the entrance, but didn’t leave. At times, I could see the kid wandering across the middle of the theater (still wearing his bib). He was probably about 2.5-3. This poor kid. He’s going to need a lot of therapy, for multiple reasons:

  • Your parents clearly don’t understand your needs, buddy. If they did, they would have put you to bed by 10 pm. I realize that maybe they couldn’t find a babysitter. But then stay home! Having kids changes your life. Sometimes, you have to put their needs ahead of your own. You can watch the movie on Netflix in a few months.
  • The movie’s gotta be scary to a kid. There are goblins, dragons, people dying, Voldemort’s messed up face, snakes killing people. It is rated PG-13 for a reason. I read the book and knew how it was ended, but still found myself chewing on my finger a few times. Movies can scar kids. I know. I was older than this kid when I saw the movie on Bigfoot, and I’m still afraid of Sasquatches to this day. Luckily, I don’t run into them often enough to justify therapy for my fear. I’ve learned to cope.
  • Your parents obviously have no manners. If they did, they wouldn’t bring a young kid, who can’t sit still (and shouldn’t be expect to) to the movies. So, they’re probably not going to be good at teaching you how to get along in society without acting up. Get used to the Principal’s Office. You’ll probably be there a lot.

I wanted to yell out, “You’re a bad parent” during one of the quieter parts of the movie. But I figured being disruptive might not be the best way to deal with disruptive behavior. And they left (or the kid fell asleep) about halfway through the movie.

The Movie

The movie was awesome! You should go see it!

Bad Cellphone People

As if the cooing child wasn’t disruptive enough, the woman sitting next me left her cellphone on. I know that because it started ringing. She actually pulled it out, looked at the screen, and contemplated answering it for a few seconds before silencing it and putting it back in her purse.

I HATE the inappropriate use of cellphones. Humans have survived thousands of years without being in constant contact. You can sit through a 2 hour movie without talking your friends. (I always turn mine off, or at least put it in airplane mode. Vibrating phones are just as disruptive.) If she had answered, I might have been in the mood to take it from her and break it, or at least turn it off. It probably would have been worth paying to replace her phone just to see the look on her face. And I think I would have gotten applause from the rest of the theater.

My Thoughts

When did we lose all manners? When did we decide it’s ok to bring your kid to an adult movie and just disrespect everyone around you? When did we decide not to jam cellphone signals in theaters? (I once was at a dance performance at the Kennedy Center. The woman down the row from me was using the light from her cell phone’s screen to write on a piece of notebook paper on her legs. She got offended when I asked her to turn her phone off.)

Am I over-reacting? Should I just give up and realize that most people have absolutely no consideration for those around them? What are your thoughts?