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Poached Eggs!

I think I’ve finally cracked the secret of poached eggs!

I’ve always loved poached eggs. It’s probably my favorite way to eat eggs. Sometimes I even poach them until the yolks are hard, which basically makes them a hot hard-boiled egg.

I’ve been practicing making poached eggs the authentic way. Putting them in the little medal cups in the special pan really makes “steamed” eggs. Poaching means cooking in liquid.

This morning, I used a wider and shallower pan. I brought the water to just below a boil, where a fair number of bubbles were coming up from the bottom. I’ve always used the trick of putting a little vinegar in the water to help the egg whites bind together so the egg didn’t ooze all over the pan.

But I’ve never been able to get them really stay in shape. I’d get a big stringing egg, that was all crosslinked, and sort of in the right shape, but with lots of straggling pieces. This morning, I dumped the egg from the measuring cup into the water FASTER, and it worked. They stuck together nicely!


Resolution #1 continues!

Resolution #1

Even though it’s only been 2013 for a few hours, I’ve been working on some of my resolutions for the last few days.

Resolution #1: Eat Better!

Not necessarily to eat healthier, but  to eat better. I’m going to cook more. Try different foods and different recipes. Because I’ve been so busy, I end up eating out a lot at the same local restaurants, and it’s boring.

So, here’s what I’ve cooked so far this weekend.

Chicken Adobo

I found this recipe on the Amateur Gourmet blog, but it is from a cookbook by April Bloomfield, A Girl and Her Pig.

I used half the chicken it called for, because my dutch oven isn’t that big, but I left everything else the same. I mean, why mess with any recipe that calls for two heads (yes, heads. Not cloves) of garlic. It was delicious, although based on the layer of fat on the top once I put the leftovers in the kitchen, it’s fattier than I thought. I guess that’s from the chicken skins.

IMG_0202I served it over rice, with a kale and lettuce salad.

Scallops with Quinoa and Pomegranate Gastrique

This recipe came from the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. I left out many of the herbs in the quinoa, because I forgot to write them down when I went shopping, but it still turned out pretty good.


Figs with Gorgonzola and Sopressata

This was a recipe I saw on the Closet Cooking blog. I had to go to four different supermarkets before I could find figs, but it was worth it.


Today’s lunch

In the Parisian style, I think today’s lunch is just going to be some cheese and bread. I have a bunch of gorgonzola cheese left.

So at least one resolution is off to a good start.