A New Personal Record

Tonight at the trainer, I did 4 unassisted pull-ups. That’s a new personal record for me. Woo-hoo!! Last week, I did 2. Maybe it’s sad that 4 is a personal record, but I’ve never been that athletic. And I’m choosing to just focus on the positive aspects: I’m improving my strength and skills, and becoming more athletic.

About a year ago, I started working out with a trainer, again. It was the only exercise I maintained consistently while in school. Less than a half-dozen times I canceled, although I did have to reschedule quite a bit, especially around final exams. I went two to three months without swimming or riding my bike, but I kept the trainer appointments as much as possible. I’d even rush out of Criminal Law on Tuesdays, drive home, change, and run to the gym. And I got up Saturday mornings so I could eat breakfast and make it to the trainer by 10 a.m.

Over the last year, I put on 20 pounds, much of it muscle. I now have shoulders that stick out! Now that I’ve put on some muscle — and am no longer eating in the school cafeteria four times a week — I’m working on dropping some of the fat that goes along with bulking up. The goal is to drop roughly 22 pounds this summer. I started at 197 (2 pounds short of my all-time high weight). Goal is 175, although I’m not wedded to the number. It’s just a target to aim for.

I’ve been doing pretty well. The goal is 1-2 pounds a week. The second week was my med school 15 year reunion, and that week I gained 0.8 pounds (I blame the margaritas at Mad Mex, my favorite Pittsburgh restaurant.), but otherwise I have been dropping pretty consistently. This week, I’m down 1.4 pounds, for a total of 8.6 pounds.

The hardest part is the diet. It takes a lot of planning to eat healthy. You can’t just run out and grab lunch in the suburbs. And small changes in my diet have a bigger impact for me than changes in exercise. I was actually worried that I wasn’t going to do as well this week. It was Pride weekend, and I let the diet slip a little more than usual. I had pizza, a quesadilla, and key lime pie this week. Normally, I try to only have one “unhealthy” meal a week.

I’m going to the beach for a few days in two weeks, so I probably should tighten up my diet to maximize my progress before the beach.

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  1. Sounds like good plans! I would like to drop the 2.5 pounds I dropped while acting Thrift Store Manager, but put back on with a Kathy visit when Mom always wants to eat out and I don’t get to exercise when with the two of them. Still, I am at my wedding weight which isn’t too bad considering it is almost 29 years later. Ken is doing good with the weight loss. Must say, it seems easier for guys to lose than girls!

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