Need Advice on a New TV

I finished my federal taxes on Friday and I’m going to use part of my refund to buy a new TV. I have a 32 inch picture-tube TV that I bought ten years ago. I’ve been waiting of fit to diet before I replace it, but the damn thing just seems to want to live forever. The picture went out once about 18 months ago. But, after I turned it off and back on, it’s worked fine since then.

Old TV digital picture Frame

But, I don’t know anything about the new flat screen TVs. So, I figured I’d ask for advice.

A few questions come to mind, but there may be other things to consider that I’m not even aware of, so I’d appreciate any input.

  • Do I want LCD or plasma? Why
  • Any special features I need?
  • Any special connections that will be helpful? (Right now, I only see hooking up the Wii and the DVD player.)
  • Any specific brands or retailers you’d recommend?

Thanks! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

One response

  1. Not plasma, uses too much energy and heat. We are looking for a BIG HD LCD or LED TV for the basement. We have a 32″ LCD now which will move somewhere else and Ken added a remote signal “off” button so we can completely turn it off. The “ready” sets stay on but go to sleep mode which still uses energy and adds heat. Call Ken for details about that thing! All new TV’s have lots of input places for peripherals. Walmart usually has best prices.

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