Feeling Like a Real Student

Law School Update

Today, I’m feeling like a real student. I took the afternoon off work and am at school. I studied in the library, after getting the guys at the help desk to set my computer up to print on the school’s network. Now, I’m studying in the cafeteria, while chatting with my sister on Facebook, and eating Peanut M&M’s.

Too bad this doesn’t pay as well as my regular job. I could do this all year.

Can some explain “consideration” to me? I read the cases, but not sure I understand what it means. But, at least I’m caught up on my reading. I was planning on getting most of it done on Sunday. My legal writing memo took WAY longer than I expected, and then the Katie-thing happened. Didn’t feel like studying after that. I didn’t even start this week’s readings until Monday morning at 8:30.

I was so stressed out over being behind, that I took Monday morning and this afternoon off. I also cancelled my trainer on Tuesday, so I could get home at 8:30 pm, and relax for a few hours before going to sleep. Feeling much better, today.

More on Katie

And, apparently Alex is the heartless cat I’ve accused her of being. I don’t think she has even noticed Katie’s not around. Now, I admit that Katie’d been pretty quiet lately, often lying by herself on my bedroom floor. But, Alex doesn’t even seem to care. I hope Katie took my suggestion and is going to come back and haunt Alex. I also promised Katie that I’d eventually get a new kitten to annoy Alex.

I, on the other hand, do miss Katie. I keep expecting to see her in my peripheral vision.

She really was the best cat, ever.

8 responses

  1. ahh yes…consideration. love it!

    sorry to hear of your loss. 😦

  2. Consideration: both parties to a contract have to give something in order for the contract to be binding. If either party is found not to have actually provided consideration for the contract, the contract is not binding.

    1. Yes, but the difficulty seems to be in figuring out what “something” means.

  3. It’s anything of value. It can be money, an object, services, the promise of an action, or even the promise of inaction.

    1. I was adding to the above comment, btw.

      1. I figured. And, now that we talked about it, I’m getting it. What confused me was the idea that something could be consideration if you asked for, might not be consideration if it was just offered to you.

  4. Both parties have to be bound in some way by the contract. It can’t just be one party agreeing to something while the other is under no form of obligation.

    1. Yeah, I get that. What was throwing me was the concept of bargaining for. If I gave you money. And you gave me a library at your church with my name on it, that wasn’t consideration. But, if I gave you money because I asked you to put my name on the library, that was consideration. Didn’t get the difference, at first.

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