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So they posted our Fall semester class schedule today, while I was doing my hour-long commute home. Within minutes, the 1L’s (1st-year Law student) Facebook page was buzzing. I immediately logged on and got to my schedule, and …

It wasn’t that helpful. I have Contracts and Torts (which I knew) and I have class Monday through Thursday from 6-8 pm, which was expected. I also have Legal Rhetoric (Legal Writing), but that schedule is TBD. WTF? That’s the class I’m worried about. My understanding is that class will be from 8-10 pm one of the nights, but I seem to recall a rumor that we could end up with a Friday 6pm-8pm class. That would suck!

We’re supposed to be able to link directly from our schedule to the Washington College of Law bookstore and buy our books online. But, that link didn’t work. I briefly did some searching and it looks like I’m going to need at least 4 books for those two classes, but don’t know what I’ll need for Legal Rhetoric. Until they decide what session I’m in, I won’t know the instructor and what they use.

So, the schedule is posted, but didn’t really answer the questions I still had. Oh well. I guess that information will come out in a few days.

But, it is exciting that the start of school is getting closer. I’ll soon be able to buy my books, will have my reading lists, and will soon be a real law student.

God, I hope this wasn’t a mistake. 🙂

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